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Pioneer Handcrafted Log Furniture is:

A family owned and operated business from Manitoba, Canada that has been building high quality heirloom furniture for nearly 25 years. Since 1980 we've been crafting unique, one of a kind log furniture made from trembling aspen and knotty white pine. Initially it was for family and friends close to home and now includes individuals, families, corporations and businesses around the world.

We anticipate you will find what you are looking for and if not please call us at our toll free number listed above.

Looking forward to working with you and that you will not only become a customer but also a friend.

Log Magazine Table
17" x 22" x 21"
Price: 343.00

Regular Rocker
Built from knotty white pine and trembling aspen. Logs are handpeeled and kiln dried. 32" x 24" x 41"
Price: 557.00

Log Table Lamp
Made from Trembling Aspen. Logs are hand peeled. Approx. 11"x11"x25". (Shade not included) Suggested Retail $119.00
Price: 85.00
Sale Price 85.00

Log 4' Oval Coffee Table
Price: 441.00

Click for details
Log Queen Bed
Price: 882.00

Click for details

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Phone: 1-888-305-0259, Phone : (204) 346-0913, pioneerhandcraftedlogfurniture@gmail.com
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